Our greatest asset is people who do their work reliably and honestly; they have excellent knowledge of the forwarding market, and the specific requirements of the Polish and foreign logistics market. Our staff are constantly improving their qualifications which gives us an advantage over our competitors.

The wide range of standard services that we offer can be modified and adapted closely to the needs of any specific customer. We are happy to create individual packages of services which go beyond the framework of functions performed by a transport operator.

Clients representing almost all branches of industry use our services.

The perfection of our work has been witnessed by many manufacturers and logistics operators from all over Europe, for whom we conduct transportation to the farthest corners of the old continent, as well as to Asia.

In the transportation of goods we cooperate closely with our Client, as well as transporters from EU, RUS, BY and UA

Collaborating with transporters is based on:

  • The General Conditions of Forwarding Orders.
  • Agreement with the transporter - Forwarding Orders.
  • The basic rules regulating the performance of transportation services by our subcontractor:
Kociuk sp. z o.o. General Terms of Forwarding Orders
Kociuk Logistics sp. z o.o. General Terms of Forwarding Orders